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Soundscape, an app that produces impressive wide sound-field for iPhone docking stations, is jointly developed by Cybit and its partners.

Soundscape:   http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/soundscape-by-soundais/id557251945?mt=8                                                                                                       


Audio Compression is useful for speech recording/playback and bandwidth-efficient wireless voice communication. CYBIT coders include high-compression (over 100:1) speech coder and high-quality audio and speech coders.

Transparent-Quality (speech) Coder

TQC provides essentially CD quality speech with high compression ratio for high-end voice applications. With 22.05 kHz sample rate, TQC runs at 16.55 kbit/s and 19.10 kbit/s, with compression savings at 21.32 times and 18.47 times, respectively.

High-Compression (speech) Coder

HCC is a high-compression speech coder, useful for long-duration digital voice recording and playback (such as e.dictionary), as well as for bandwidth-efficient wireless communication, particularly for a closed, secure communication system. HCC achieves high compression ratios by employing very compact models for human speech production, judicious glottal excitation representation, and optimal trellis vector quantization.

HCC is available for 4- and 5-kHz signal bandwidth, with corresponding sample rate at 8 and 11.025 kHz, respectively. HCC-4 achieves 64:1 compression ratio (from original speech at 128 kbit/s to 2.0 kbit/s), while HCC-5 achieves 80:1 compression ratio (from original speech at 176.4 kbit/s to 2.21 kbit/s). HCC has the option to add "voice transform" (among male, female, children and robot voices) and "speaking speed control" functions with very little additional complexity (MIPS/RAM/ROM).


High-Quality (speech) Coder

HQC, a medium-data-rate coder, is useful for high-quality digital recording and playback of speech and for bandwidth-efficient wireless voice communication. HQC achieves efficient speech compression by employing advanced speech production modeling (including formant, pitch and glottal excitation), optimal trellis vector quantization, and psycho-acoustic perceptual weighting for speech analysis.

HQC is available in three signal bandwidths: 4, 5,and 7-kHz, with corresponding sample rate at 8, 11.025, and 16 kHz, respectively. HQC offers multiple user-selectable data rates.


Low (data rate) Audio Coder

LAC delivers high-quality compressed audio at low data rates. LAC is a versatile coder for general audio recording (music, voice and other sounds) and playback. Application examples include mobile phone/tablet PC recording of music lessons, A/V conferencing, natural environment sounds, as well as for surveillance recording, transaction recording, wireless microphone, and audio playback such as for learning devices, toys, etc.


LAC is mainly designed for 16KHz sample rate (broadcast AM quality) with other options (8/22.05KHz) available. At 16KHz, LAC achieves around 13:1 compression ratio, with preferred quality, complexity and licensing cost to MP3, WMA and other audio coders. For surveillance recording, LAC has an optional "audio zooming" function to clearly plays back weak audio signals embedded in other much louder sounds.