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Corporate Positioning

CYBIT is a technology innovator, focusing on digital voice, music and general audio signal processing for mobile devices. In particular, we specialize in digital audio recognition, manipulation and compression technologies. Recognition enables intelligent interaction between human and machines through digital sound. Manipulation realizes sound modification and enhancement for extraordinary effect and 3D-perception. Compression involves compact modeling and representation of audio information for efficient storage and communication.

Business Focus

Mobile Multimedia has been the biggest and the fastest growing market segment. Mobile devices include mobile phone, tablet PC, game device, portable media player, mobile TV, DVD player, Bluetooth headset, automobile sound system, interactive toy/robot, e.book/e.dictionary, learning device, digital hearing aid, medical assistive device, digital surveillance device, secure communication device, and many more.

With the explosive proliferation of mobile devices, the demand of new, advanced audio functions with superior performance has been ever-escalating. CYBIT's mission is to meet this challenge and to realize "Cybit inside" for the majority of mobile devices through technology licensing and mobile apps.